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    Default What do you think of China A-share Market?

    China's stock market is different from the rest of the world market. In the past year, it experienced the frantic maximum of 6,000 points, but now due to internal and external factors, it slumped all the way to near 3,000 points. However, as an emerging stock market, it has been of great concern to overseas investors, gathering more attention to the orient. CSA is one of the information service websites in China designed for overseas investors and this Questionnaire aims to enhance overseas investors’ awareness of China's stock market and promote better services to overseas investors.

    1. What do you think about the risk within the Chinese stock market?
    a) High risk
    b) Normal risk, and I can take
    c) Low risk

    2. Do you think whether the current Chinese stock market is mature or not?
    a) It is already a mature market
    b) The current stock market is not mature
    c) It’s getting more and more mature
    d) I have no idea

    3. What’s the role of Chinese government do you think in the Chinese stock market activities?
    a) The government played a very important role
    b) Not very important
    c) They have no relationship

    4. What do you think about the current Chinese stock market mechanism and the information disclosure system?
    a) It is already perfect
    b) Need to improve
    c) Completely lacking

    5. Do you think the current Chinese stock market is attractive for investors or not?
    a) Quite attractive
    b) Normal
    c) Lack of attractive
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    Is this some kind of school assigmment?

    Moved to Homework Help Forum.
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    Hey, great share !!!

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