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    Default Please stop doing this to me, please..........

    Stop banning me, stop erasing my comments please. I didn't deserve any of that. I've been trying to tell you i'm not over 18, i accidentally put in the wrong numbers when i talked to Clare about it and i'm really truthfully 13. I've been telling the truth the whole time yet you guys and gals think i'm lying....i'm not. I don't know who this Pikachu 18 is and i don't have any relations to him.

    So what if my ip is the same as his and the name is similar? That doesn't mean i'm whoever he is does it? No it doesn't. Whoever has been in my account sure made me look bad by lying to you guys. I think i may have been hacked a while back which is why you think i'm over 18

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    You're join date is 2014 you'd have to have been 8-9 years old when you joined the forums which is highly unlikely making the possibility of you being 13 almost impossible and since you're IP address is the same Pikachu 18 it means you are connected through the same router. Your account wasn't hacked your a terrible liar and stop trying to pretend you're younger than you actually are.

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    So many holes in that lie. Give in.

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    Default A true complaint

    Ok....i've tried and tried. This is my true complaint now. How the hell do you not believe me yet?! I SAID SO MANY TIMES I WAS TELLING THE TRUTH. Ok maybe my age was a lie but of you want the real truth my real honest age is about to be 15 ok? I'M NOT LYING ABOUT IT THIS TIME, I SWEAR! This is so dumb that you won't even give me a dam chance, this is why i'm being defiant about it. Let me post comments in the kids section and we won't have a problem but since you guys keep erasing them we do. Since when is any of my posts breaking the rules?

    NONE OF THEM at all broke any rules. I don't care that you won't believe my age, i'm not doing anything wrong in there at all and i'm tired of it! Your probably just gonna give me another stupid dam infraction for this ****ing post too, yeah is swore in the with it! We the viewers should be able to post wherever we please and i refuse to let this go till you all leave my comments alone

    - - - Updated - - -

    Gosh this is stupid! Call i want to do is comment on a few things in the dam kids forums ia that to much to f u c king ask out of you people here?



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