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    Bannon gone all the funny ones are gone, Please Mr Trump don't get rid of Scott Pruitt we don't want that idiot back in Oklahoma.
    don't fire pruitt until we see his "critique on climate science". should be legitimate

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    What's the odds on Trump getting impeached and getting kicked out?

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    long odds. the deep state must be coy if it doesnt want tens of thousands of yazoo yokels and loco-unos marching down the streets and armed with ar-15s, demanding the reinstatement of Comrade von Gingerino.
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    Trump keeps them coming, he claims to have talked to the president of the US Virgin Islands, which a president should know that he or she is the president of the US Virgin Islands and who they were talking to was the governor. I swear where are Trump supporters? Please explain why we should feel comfortable with this moron as POTUS?


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