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    Default are vpns allowed ?

    Hi are people allowed to A VPN to come and chat in the chat rooms ? any info please thank you from down under Resson I ask is my ISP block a lot of sites some bull crap lol.dam censors here a joke and web blocking etc.

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    Hi Ninjaman,

    VPN's currently seem to be blocked/having issues with Adult Chat only. This is why you are getting the white screen when trying to enter.
    I am not sure why this is, only admin will be able to shed light on this. Not great considering the recent repealing of the FCC’s Internet Privacy Rules.
    Probably implemented in adult chat only because of the unsavory types which frequent the room.
    Would be great to get some info on this from official chat avenue source. Seems like it is effecting a lot of people with the amount of views on the tech support threads.

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    Hey there, what's your opinion on Novavpn? My friend's been using it for half a year. He says the connection is always stable but to his taste, it could have been faster. I am planning to have VPN for my secure internet trips as well. Should I have this VPN or choose another option?

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    I use a Smart DNS it does not replace my mian IP so when i log in i still come from Aus but when i got to watch Netflix US its switched on

    same with CBS ,

    Its a very great area as people who use the VPN are one who Generally to do the wrong thing like spam the chat or advertises for illegal things like ppl under age.

    We call them IP roller they come in once kicked they come back again CM could fix this by simple putting that server on the Ban List.

    Netlix does it to certain VPN holders so I dont see why its too much of issue here.

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    They are being used

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    Not using a vpn is stupid. With so many using malware and hacking. It be like having one nite stand not using a condom.

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    The reason many vpn's are blocked is because when people are banned they try to circumvent their bans by using vpns. Anyone else using them for other reasons kinda gets the short end of the stick on this one.

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    Sure they use all means to be with other people.
    And with good reason.
    First of all, you cant tell someone what or how to write for his money(the one he pays from his pocket for the internet)
    Secondly, why ban someone for his words when they don't ban people for their deeds.
    This all internet social thing is going the wrong way...from the beginning

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    Get an ISP that doesnt suck and/or move out of whatever 3rd world country you live in



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