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    Thumbs up Lein protiens, whole grains, fiber, potassium

    So in order for youre body to be happy you need to eat right. If you often feel fatigued or have bags under your eyes, your probably under nourished.

    a great diet to follow backed up with cardio and calastinics.

    start your morning with

    all natural peanut butter on muliti-grain bread
    grapefruit slices...i get the cups...suppresses appetite...
    a a must
    and oj w pulp or fairlife milk...even the choclate is ok its loaded with lein protiens.

    do salads, w cold meats and protien bars for lunch or a sub...tuna is your best bet...always multi grain bread.

    dinner...stay away from anything breaded or deep fried. stay away from too much starch... eat some cold veggies...ex...carrots for eye n skin health.

    before bed ...1 hr...grab another banana and some fairlife milk.

    drink lots of water....dasani is the best quality water on the is not is pure water...
    3ltrs a day 4 guyz
    2ltrs a day 4 girlz

    also take a a days are ok...i like the gummies.

    it may sound awful but once you get into will turn your nose at fatty foods...and your body will love you.

    kk stay healthy all.....byeee again

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    you are so weird lol

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    pizza every day, every day, **** what anybody say



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