Human beings have accomplished so much within the last few thousand years that we have stopped evolution, almost completely. We no longer live in a fight for survival type environment and have transcended natural selection. However, evolution has been witnessed, even very recently. Green eyes never existed prior to ten thousand years ago. These were developed as a means for reproduction because men generally like woman who have green eyes. Before this time period, everybody only had brown eyes. Furthermore, evolution is apparent within the same specifies of Dinosaur, separated by millions of years, who are connected to the same family tree. These animals grew different limbs and became capable of flight and developed fur to remain warmer in an ever changing environment. This doesn't mean that human beings will remain the same for an indefinite period of time, it only means that we won't physically change because there is no need time. Our culture continues to grow more intelligent because within the modern world, only those with the most credentials can acquire the best paying jobs. IQ tests from 100 years ago would be much, much simpler than they are today. Which is why these tests are made more difficult every year in order to keep the standard score at 100.

Very interesting stuff.

P.S. Miranda
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