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    Default Why does God let so many kids die in school shootings?

    So that there are enough virgins in heaven for the suicide bombers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VillainManPlan View Post
    So that there are enough virgins in heaven for the suicide bombers.

    That's not a bit funny!

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    You know, there is satire – and then there is finding humour in extremely distasteful things. I think you crossed that threshold.

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    Now I'm not judging people who do or don't believe in "GOD" but IMO I think its nothing but a bunch of bullcrap, As with the school shootings why does he let all this other stuff happen, wars, sexual abuse to adults and kids, and so on... we could mention so much, all of which points towards the fact there isn't actually a God. And lets be honest if their was why the hell would he let such things like eye lashes fall in ones eyes!!!!!!!!! why would he let such a thing happen! But on a serious note, God is nothing but a story fed to people who like to live life like Sheep.



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