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    Angry Webcam Hacking...

    So people recording on Video-Chat other peoples cams without consent. Firstly isn't this illegal? Secondly there is also hacking going on which allows the *hacker* to view people on chat-avenue if they have a web-cam without consent. WTF so why the flying f do we have mods or things like the block & ignore button. When someone can by-pass this BS. Thirdly on Video-Chat I want to address adults & teens together? So you have a adult chat & a teen chat. But Video-Chat is for anyone? WTF that's why there is so many philes on that ****ing chat.

    So how do we all address these problems? You think u safe but in reality there is people recording your cam & ****ing p3dophiles everywhere. That have been caught & have a free-pass or some BS WHY I DUNNO!! Cause the tards who created chat-avenue aren't very smart I guess...

    I remember cause I'm a victim of that video-chat hack. DGK without my consent recorded me & has pics cause he's infatuated with my neck tattoo. He did this through hacking cause at the time I didn't allow the er on my cam. So if it's that easy to *hack chat-avenue* why doesn't someone put up a better security system. Either that or hire more mods assigned to each-chat. So that way we can have tiny bit safer & more enjoyable place to chat. Like **** isn't that what we all want in the end? To feel totally safe on a chat-site where we can chat & not have to worry about being recorded *hacked* or philes hitting on children etc...

    To add to this people have caught Eddie on Video-Chat also hacking also. He makes it so the girls he likes on chat have to view his webcam without even clicking him to begin with. Yet I see that ****er daily on chat...Shouldn't people like him have a permeant ban. Since he has been warned numerous of times to not share his *webcam* on girls screens who don't want to see his tiny middle finger.
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    ok so yesterday i got someone to inform admin for me that video chat was being hacked and it was being sorted as far as i am concerned. yes video chat has mods for nude cams and rude names on video chat also keeping the chat clean as it is a 13+ room. we are aware that there is a adult chat and a teen chat but video chat is 13+ so they are actually allowed in the room also.

    and yes ignore button works great when mods are not in the room. mods can not mod 24/7 as they have work.. or whatever so thats why there is a ignore button for times when mods are not in the room.

    yes we are aware of eddie and he does get kicked but he does roll his ip and come back into the room. so a ban wont work as he can change his ip and come back into the room.

    also the room has rules to follow. breaking rules will result in 3 warnings a mute and a kick.

    recording cams if you can prove that your cam has been recorded send ss to a mod or even admin of the room.

    also spammers that post and run really we cant chase them as we could end up kicking innocent chatters instead of the person who is actually spamming.

    we do our best to keep the room clean and spam free.

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    We're still having this conversation... 13 years later?

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    Quote Originally Posted by StubleU View Post
    We're still having this conversation... 13 years later?
    This conversation will never end. :P



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