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    I've always thought that since we run these ads and make these continuous lines spam the chat continuously, why couldn't we also have a message that runs similar to the ads that advertises the main rules of the chat or how to properly report users or something along those lines?

    It could make mods jobs easier having the main rules being constantly posted in the chat alongside the ads, and instructions on how to report for people who don't know how/new users. Maybe just something like the following;

    "Don't report in main. PM a mod with screenshot evidence of your complaint. No derogatory comments of any kind will be included. This room is 13-16 age range. No swearing, asking for or any other inappropriate topic."
    And then maybe each admin could customize their own message for their room since each room will have different requirements and the "main rules" will differ room to room? Could be a thought worth considering if we have the ability to do this kinda thing.
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    We want less fu*king spam not encourage more ffs

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    AWW- chatmaster makes millions off the porn sites. Besides, most rooms are whore houses anyway. haha

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    Quote Originally Posted by Delmackian View Post
    AWW- chatmaster makes millions off the porn sites.
    A slight exaggeration there ehh! I am led to believe that there have been times in the past when CA has really struggled to survive…but the owner(s) have kept it going. Look how many sites are gone…often closed at the first sign of a drop in revenue or because of the scourge of predatory or hacker activity that now sadly infests all Internet sites.

    Quote Originally Posted by Delmackian View Post
    Besides, most rooms are whore houses anyway. haha
    Still some really great people about...they just dont talk in main as much as they used to, lots of peeps just meet up then shove off elsewhere. The whole chat room ethos has changed changing.

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    Coicidence, the ad blocker extension doesn't block these ads

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