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    Default Self driving cars.

    I think self driving cars will be a revolution for the low vision and blind community. People seem to be missing the point that this will be a revolution for these people to get around.

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    They already have seeing eye dogs. What's better for them is technology that makes near-blind people able to see, like cornea surgery. The cool thing about self-driving cars is now you can watch a movie during commute, play a videogame, or read a book.

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    Any idea of when the first self driving car will be on the sales market anyone?

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    Tesla already has self-driving cars on the market. Most cars are perfecting the technology a little more. You'll see it more in 2020, but it will be expensive.

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    Lmfao at least you could get drunk put in your address on the sat navigation it'll take you home lmfao joke joke

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    Wish I had a car where it had the ability to self drive. No worrying about using the steering wheel, ah that'd be nice

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    We need self-working avatars next. Your avatar goes to work, gives you all the money, while your fat ass sits at home and does nothing.



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