1. Confirm Your Anatomy

All too often, people are free to join Chat under any alias that they want. However, we can be never too certain as to what we're talking to. Could be a male, could be a female, could be both. We need a rule set in place that forces people to confirm their anatomy.

2. Male Until Proven Otherwise

People who are new to Chat should recognize that the responsibility of establishing rule 1 automatically falls on them. This should also be considered a basic principal until such a thing is verified; everybody on Chat is a male until proven otherwise. There should bee no exceptions.

3. Fixing The Rules

Please take a look at the rules that have been set in place. Whoever wrote them is clearly illiterate. They reflect the underlying ideologies that represent Chat Avenue, and if you can't even get these ideas across in a logical and concise manner, than what the ****? Lol.

4. Doing Interesting Things On Cam

Recently, someone new has decided to join College Chat. This individual goes by the name Cherr, but she's really weird. She never says anything interesting and she doesn't do anything on cam but show her neck.

People who routinely go on cam should be doing interesting things. Why would someone be so self-absorbed that they believe everybody just wants to stare at their neck? Or view someone who just goes on cam and stares at nothingness?