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    Default Planning to give my gf a dog. How to pull it off?

    My girlfriend is a huge fan of dogs. Her love for animals is beyond words and I’m thinking if getting her a dog for her birthday would be a good idea. I’ll be coming over to her hometown to visit her on her special day. It’s either I buy one here and bring the dog with me or I would just buy one when I arrive instead.
    I was thinking of placing the puppy inside a box with a ribbon on it and I’ll surprise her with it by holding it when she sees me. What do you guys think? Also, what kind of breed should I get her? What breed is popular in Ukraine? When we first met during a romance tour, she did mention to me that her dream dog was a Husky or a Pomeranian. I’m not sure if I could find those breeds in her area.
    Oh dear, how can I pull this off??? I really need help with this! I want things to go successfully!

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    my allergies are going insane just by this post

    but huskies tho

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    I'd suggest taking an emotional support letter as a present as well. It'll allow your gf to take her dog on any flight in any rental apartment basically everywhere. It's going to be a huge and pleasant surprise for her. Here's the full guide on the letter



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