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Thread: Crappy fathers

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    Quote Originally Posted by Baclavio View Post
    If you want to see your future...take a good look at your parents.
    DNA is not a joke...
    There is a phrase I heard: "If you want to see how the one you love will look in the future, simply look at their Mother or Father and the resemblance will be alarmingly similar." Of course one will never know until several years later and will be surprise how true it is.

    Quote Originally Posted by zico View Post
    And you didnt see what an arsehole you would become hey maybe you were adopted
    You are funny and maybe he is adopted. IDK. However, I feel we should have the respect of waiting until Baclavio returns from Solitary Containment before we make slurs. He is not present and cannot respond in a timely manner! I think he is nearing half way through his sentence about now.

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    i brought up 4 disabled kids on my own they have fragile x.

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    My daughters father left recently leaving me all alone. At first I was depressed but I soon learnt to cope . I found out about this site that helped me a lot
    He left me without a cent and I am unemployed. I can't go work because there is no one to look after her. That site helped me make money to be able to support her . I want to encourage single mothers we as woman are strong and can do anything if we put our mind to it.


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