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    Default Income Inequality

    Wages increase only 2% per year on average, while salaries of executives increase exponentially. I wish I could ignore money issues, but unfortunately privileges and rights are highly influenced by cash $$ money and will permeate through every institution. You can surely bet greed seems to corrupt every organisation one way or another, and even tends to ruin the goals and reason the organisation was formed in the first place.

    Should there be more regulation on high-income earners and stricter laws for corporations that use loop-holes to evade high taxes?

    Some benefits of more money (obviously):
    Better housing
    Safer communities
    Opinion is heard and responded to more often than those without means (ie. money)
    Better service in general

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    Most people fail to earn their income, someone tries to spin at several jobs to meet their needs completely, and sometimes this is not enough..

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    The Purge isn't popular because of the stellar soundtrack.

    Income equality is equivalent to being in a race where the wealthy get a head-start, almost near the end of the finish line, and having to race annually and see constant defeat. Sure you can say the poorest people in first world countries have had it better than 90% of people throughout history, but you won't be comparing yourself to the cave man when you see others who have it better than you almost daily. Sure, money is only one factor in life. It doesn't have much to do with other talent, but it would be nice if things were more affordable, and companies would quit raping you with a bunch of fines constantly



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