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    Default Should I just travel alone?

    My friends and I planned on travelling together. Our buddy is attending some marriage tours of some sort. So we’re planning on tailing him by flying to Peru too. We’ll go around, do all tourist stuff while keeping companion of our mate. You know just to make sure he’s doing well. Anyway, the annoying part is that the friends I’m supposed to travel with just can’t seem to get themselves together. I’ve searched for flights on behalf of everyone. I took the initiative to do it but it feels like they’re not taking me seriously. Should I just book my own ticket and let them do the hard work by themselves? I don’t mind going to Peru by myself. I can still accompany our friend and see interesting sites without the rest of our friends. They’re really getting on my nerves.

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    Defintiely go on your own, it sounds like they would leave you to organise everything else too and spoil your trip.

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    I also like traveling alone. I take only my motorcycle, a stock of food and I do not tell anyone where I'm going.
    I began to practice this kind of tourism after I bought my Norton motorcycle and read the history of the Norton logo. I realized that it's good for me to be alone. I can collect my thoughts and just relax.

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    NO .. for a nominal fee you can take me with you ! me .. think about it.

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