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    does it matter?

    Default looking for a new roleplay partner!

    R U L E S
    literate only, medium to long responses

    no smut or fight scenes

    third person present tense please!

    please lead, I am awful at leading roleplays

    if we're gonna do canon x oc please note I suck at being a canon character so if i'm able to be my ocs that would be lit

    I also like hearing about your guys' ocs

    I don't do gay male rps, since I very rarely roleplay guys (Im just really bad at it, i'm sorry. plus a lot of my guys are villains) but like any other lgbt or even straight is cool with me

    no k pop. no inc*st

    my fandoms that I rp
    Gravity falls
    over the garden wall
    percy jackson/heroes of olympus

    - Luna
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