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    Default Goofed/Fooled, It's Official...

    Goofed/Fooled, I cannot keep allowing myself to be held behind these walls of unrequited love. As they say, "When you love something, let it go." With this said, Goofed/Fooled, I do not love you anymore. I have to let you go and go on with my life. You don't love me, I've come to terms on that. So, why should I keep loving someone who will never love me back?

    Goodbye, Goofed/Fooled. It was a euphoric feeling for awhile, being in love with you. It so quickly turned to solemn nights of waiting at my computer, waiting for you to validate my love. That, it's over with now. I won't be bothering you anymore. Rejoice without my presence being in your life.

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    Glad to hear you have moved on.



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