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    Default What are the best ways to manage lower back pain?

    Guys, what do you do? What helps you? Do you use special pillows?

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    If your back pain does not require medical attention, i.e. if you feel you over exerted the muscles you can perform a few actions at home to, perhaps relieve your pain. The common treatments include bed rest, pain remedies, cold or hot pads, massage, relax, and so on.

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    There are several ways to get rid of the lower back pain but the most appropriate and best way is massage. Also, you can buy a pillow that can reduce back pain. But in order to choose the best one, it's better to compare all the options and make a final choice. Check out this website, it's very helpful

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    Aspirin and a heating pad lol

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    I am deeply confident that any pain can be dealt with better than any other mean.
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