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Thread: Al-Qaeda

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    Meanwhile, missiles drop onto civilian buses and kill school-children. I'm not sure what reality you're living in, buddy. You call it an accident, others may call it an "act of dominance", incidental collateral damage to intimidate your people with 'military might.' After all, what's tougher than a military/police force that "pillages" its local people?

    Sadly, the majority of extremists/"terrorists" are your own countrymen. What does that tell you about your own social services system (mental health), educational system, poverty, and national economic status?

    Believe it or not, not only the USA but also the world in general is tired of cleaning up after these "arab nations" ****, because they don't have the power, motivation, known-how or lack of corruption to get the job done right themselves.

    If you and your people had your **** together, we wouldn't have to come over there and kill off terrorists so that the world could live in peace. Instead, you're too busy purchasing and flaunting golden Bugatti Veyrons and custom license-plates, while your neighbors are blowing themselves up at police check-points, local military bases, raping women and children.

    What you may call "torture" or "abuse" others may call a necessity in order to extract information from extremists which will and has been proven to prevent civilian casualties - not something most arab nations however seem to be too aware of or invested in preventing, given its track record.
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    Most of detainees are not convicted and there so you can’t torture, You don’t follow your own rules and laws so don’t force it on others
    Children die by an accidents it happens everywhere but mostly in gaza which america is turning blind eye and whining about other countries

    So if the america police is killing and arresting and abusing unarmed black people that means they are acting tough toward its own people?
    Droning their own citizens, invading poor countries and unarmed nations in order to get power will not give you respect actually will make it worse %100 time than it waa

    There is no corruption or bad things in arab countries, We will do whatever we want, now focus on al qaeda better, Fix your country first and whine about others later

    It’s funny when they are fighting the russians ( They are freedom fighters)
    When they are fighting the american invasion its ( Insurgency and Terrorism)

    All problems are related to US policies interfering in other people lands
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