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    Once upon a time, there was a person who became a mod or admin...whaaaateva...
    The poor person faded into the grey misery online spending many hours, days even 10+ years...
    At the end, the person in question made no progress at all and for worse never tried to change anything...leaving nothing significant behind, one day the site was closed.
    What a dumb way to spend your free time....destiny entwined with the worst losers ever.
    The end.

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    It's their time to waste as they like.

    For months I had nothing better to do most of the day than sit in my room most of the day. That's changed My legs are getting stronger, and I haave lighter casts now I can walk about 100 feet without crutches. Next up is therapy. If I'm lucky, I'll be out of the casts and walking mostly normally in two or three months.

    It turned out that being blacklisting for a month was a very good thing for me. I don't miss it anymore, and I especially don't miss the selling out.

    I'll give you internet vigilnates a warning: spamming the room can be considered Denial of Service, which is illegal in almost every country. Prosecution for it, of course, is a longshot, but you might not want to push your luck. That's my advice to you.

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    lmfao, chatmaster show your face in this thread - you coward! scammer!!


    i'll give you 50 pesos for it


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