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    Default Marriage Problem

    Today was a hard day for me, I had an AC repair guy come out and put in a new system welli set aside money in an envelope that only me and my wife knew about. We both counted it and and placed in the spot it was designated for. When I go to check the envelope 100 is missing out of it. I confront my wife about this and need I say I’m pissed. Bad thing is this hasn’t been the first time money that I set aside comes up missing. Ultimately I get shafted out of the money and have to come up with it and everyone acts like it’s no big deal. Is it me or am I just too fixated on money?

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    I really want to change all in my life. To become better in all areas. But it is not an easy way. First of all, I want to become less stressful. And increase my power by Choose one that needs changes and work in this direction every day for one year and you will find that you are not the same person.



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