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    Default The Story of how a Friend of Mine Shut Down A Rude Transphobic Coworker

    Hello everyone,,
    Alright ladies, gentlemen, and other I have a story for you. So we got this new guy, fresh off the training line. This guy is pretty good at what he does (or did) and he thinks he can run the show, well he was screwing up on shoulder cuts so I hopped up next to him and showed him the correct way. He totally blew up on me, yelling that I don't know what i'm talking about and he knew how to do. My supervisor walked over looked him dead in the eyes and says "she's been here on this full production line longer than you've worked here. I'd shut my mouth and listen to her." So that was yesterday, today I decided to hop up next to him again and make sure he had corrected his cuts. He was doing alright but he was bored so he looked at everybody around him and said "where are all the hoes at on this line, line 9 had so many women and all i've got now are a bunch of dudes".....I'm literally standing right next to him and everybody is averting their eyes fully expecting me to put him in his place but no, I kept my peace and just went on working. One of the guys pointed at me and said "we have [trans friend]" but this man had the audacity to say "no, I know what HE is, he done went and got a sex change". I promptly went and told me supervisor who went and got the mother****ing shift supervisor, the big dog at the factory on second shift. The shift supervisor walks up to him and says "give me your safety glasses, the guy said okay and handed them over. [The shift supervisor] broke them in half and said to get out of his factory.
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    Good for your supervisor!!!!

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    Rightfully so this character should be expelled from his job indefinitely for the actions he displayed toward his colleague.

    Supervisor was 100% correct in doing what was right for the employees as well as the integrity of the company.




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