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    After going through a wide selection of books and different genres (none of which really gave me that satisfied feeling) I have finally settled down to start reading the Stormlight Archives. However, seeing as each of the 3 books is MASSIVE (The first unabridged audiobook is 45 hours long, the second 49 and the third 55 HOURS!!!!) and upon hearing that this is planned to be a ten part series with the fourth book not coming out until 2020 expect my thoughts on the whole series sometime in 2040 (This is not considering a scenario where the series gets made into a TV show and you have to wait at least seven years between each book with the last 3 books being made for TV before actually being published as books, you know who I am talking about). Oh yeah, Jay Allan sucks by the way.
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    Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami.



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